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Jim Jones & Migos Launched Their First NFT Video “We Set The Trends”

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Multiple business stars are planning their NFT collections with various pieces. Recently, Hollywood celebrity Jim Carey made his first investment in NFT. He stepped into the metaverse with his latest NFT video, “We Set The Trends.” Leading photographer Ryan Koopmans and Swedish artist Alice Wexell contribute to this video with their unique work.

Multi Star NFT Video

A few weeks back, Jim Jones started his latest hit “We Set The Trends,” which is a remix. In the original video, there are only Mogos, but now we also see DJ Khaled, Juelz Santana, and Lil Wayne. We also see courtesy in the official music videos of Will C, Shula The Don, Denity, and Jones.

The new NFT video ” We Set The Trends” enters the metaverse on June 2. EddieVisual and Yasha Gruben directed the video. It is a joint project that promotes 15 visual artists in various styles that come into the digital world.


This video is premiering in the metaverse in Decentraland. Decentraland is a new digital movie theater that is specially used for this release. Limewire sponsors this event to make it successful. The popular all-star visual team gives their services. The notable designer and LVMH award winner Kidsuper, artist Somehoodlum, former creative director of A$AP Rocky’s Robert Gallardo, NFT hip-hop expert Tilla Vision, BAYC animator Idrawanimation Guy Bergman, and many others add their works to this video.

Welcome Gift 

There is also a welcome reward for the first 1000 people who attend the screening in Decentraland. People will get AirDropped, which is a unique digital wearable. Mod Studio-mechanized digital wearables. Every wearable in wallets gets access to Whitelist Mint in June. There is also a free ticket to the IRL event, which is held in New York City and specially created for NFT week on June 21.

A lot of business personalities collect CryptoPunks and BoredApes. Two-time Golden Globe winner, Canadian American comedian Jim Carey, revealed to his followers on Twitter that he had purchased NFT. He made this decision for its artistic values and because it impressed him with its unique way of securing nature. According to sources, Carey purchased this work via MoonPay services in the NFT marketplace. It is a SuperRare for ETH 20 (USD 39,500).

Video History

According to the project website, his NFT Devotion is from the Genesis Project, “The Wild Within.” It is a visual series by notable star Koopmans Wexell created to bring new life to deserted buildings. It is from the Soviet era. The website also explains that it is based on real-world physical spaces. It is a renewal of animated work in the digital domain.

Tskaltub is a town in Georgia that was famous as a health destination at the time of the Soviet Union. We recognize it for its therapeutic waters and luxurious sanatoriums. Many notable personalities like Joseph Stalin, high-ranking officials, and other people from Moscow also visited between the 1940s and 1980s.

After the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, many buildings were neglected, and gradually faded. The website also explains that Koopmans hit this place and studied all these buildings. He also takes photographs of these places. After that, he teamed up with Alice Wexell to bring this work to fruition. They also introduce digital vegetation and manage lighting and structures. Erik Thome added sound and animated scenes. The primary aim is to strengthen empty spaces and regenerate all these things. 

Sum Up 

It helps us to understand our history in a modern way. People always follow the latest trend, and NFT is the latest trend. It becomes easy to get more audiences. The latest NFT video from Jim Carey hits the marketplace and also draws more audiences. People can see various works of notable personalities in this video. This new video, “We Set The Trends,” becomes memorable because of its multi-star cast. The renowned stars of Hollywood work in this video and make it remarkable. It is also becoming a new trend to launch videos in the NFT marketplace.

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