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Gary Vaynerchuk on the NFT Crash

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NFT is the new trend, and people are talking and discussing cryptos. Recently, the NFT market has crashed. On the crash, crypto lovers come with their views. Gary Vaynerchuk is a notable internet personality who also shares his thoughts. He explains their views with examples, so people don’t worry.

At Vee Con in Minneapolis, Gary Vaynerchuk is attending the NFT conference. He is a notable personality that predicted NFTs winter last year in May. There were no signs that the event had failed. He also shares the stage with the top singer, Pharrell Williams. The singer tells their views on Web 3.0 and why they are so keen to buy NFT. A new generation is more engaged with the latest trends in NFTs.


He proclaims himself a proponent of NFT, which is a free collection of NFT signatures in May 2021. VFreinds his signature collection, and it has 10,225 NFT characters in this set. Its series 2 collection is launched in April 2022. There are 55,555 tokens in this collection. It becomes unique because all its characters are hand-drawn with 3D figures. It also perfectly matches with visual backgrounds and uses new postures.

The holders of these tokens are also allowed to attend VECON this year. The first of three “super conferences” will be scheduled for 2022, 2023, and 2024. It is based on the NFT-Ticket. Several crypto industry leaders are present and discussing a new revolution. After the launch of this, more NFT products will be introduced to the marketplace.

The younger generation is passionate about VeeFriends, so they stood for hours in line to take selfies with Vaynerchuk. Web 3 enthusiasts believe that once greed is reduced and powerful stuff begins again, Web 3 will thrive.

Reasons for NFT Crash

The crash of the NFT market wiped out crypto assets worth more than $1 trillion in the last six weeks. The market fell 80% from its high. Gary Vee already predicted NFTs Winter or collapse in different places. Here we discuss the primary reason for NFT crashes.

Short Term Desire 

According to Gary Vee, NFT crashes are an effect of short-term greed. People want to make the money in less time. Corrections are the results of this thought.

Gary Vee created VeeFriends, VaynerMedia, and VaynerSports. He thinks the recent crash is good for the future. These types of health checks occur with excellent results. In the 1990s, crypto speculation was crazy, and he compared this development with the Dot-com bubble.

It expanded world markets due to Wall Street valuations being expanded. Its primary focus is on the ground of NFTs because it is constant, so macro is correct.

Choose Endorsement Correctly

Top stars endorse multiple products so it affects purchase. It is the result of internet awareness that NFT, crypto, and Web 3 have engaged people from around the world. During the recent Crypto Bowl, which took place during the recent Super Bowl in Los Angeles, they also aired many endorsements. 

Many top celebrities are also silent in the recent NFT crash such as Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon, and LeBron James.

According to experts, it is crucial to select the best products for endorsement. When we choose endorsement carefully, these types of booms will not happen. Vaynerchuk claims celebrities have overlooked the Ukraine crisis, and the international economy is in a state of correction. It has also affected the crypto market.

Relative NFT Prices

Inflation, geopolitical events, and the stock market collapse have all contributed to the NFT crash. It pushes the value down of crypto and NFTs. Vaynerchuk gives various examples, including the 1955 Mercedes that recently crushed the world auction record at $143 million. The primary reason for giving examples is to tell that NFT prices are relative, so no need to worry.

Final World

NFT markets have experienced crashes. There is no single reason for these crashes in the market. Vaynerchuk explains with examples and suggests taking more measures.


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